About Us

Our roots in the turning business date back back to WWII. During the war, our founder, Cal Brackett, was foreman of a turret lathe department in a large aircraft plant in San Diego, where he met his wife, a turret lathe operator; the classic "Rosie the Riveter".  After the war, Cal worked for several screw machine shops in the Los Angles area, and eventually became foreman of a 75 person facility.  Late 1959, Cal founded Brackett Machine Products, in Hawthorne, California.  He started with one 4-spindle Acme-Gridley screw machine and specialized in aircraft hydraulic fittings. Over time, the company branched out into many markets and was no longer dependent on the aircraft industry; they moved to Rancho Cordova, California in January 1980.  During the years in Rancho Cordova, the company witnessed many changes in policies and attitudes toward the precision machine products industry.  A decision was made to relocate the business to a friendlier environment so they could continue to offer the type of service their customers have come to expect.  The facility in California was sold, and a new facility built in Arizona, where the family tradition will carry on.  Cal's son and grandson operate the modern version of Brackett Machine Products; Cordova Precision is a Brackett Enterprise company.  As of January 2019 they are fully operational in Oracle, AZ, a smaller town, much like Rancho Cordova was when they moved there from Hawthorne, CA.

We take great pride in our customer relations; some have been with us over 30 years! Rest assured, when you partner with Cordova Precision you know we're in it for the long run!