About Us

Our roots in the turning business date back back to WWII.  Our founder, Cal Brackett, was foreman of a turret lathe department in a large aircraft plant in San Diego.  After the war, Cal worked for several screw machine shops in the Los Angles area, and eventually became foreman of a 75 person facility.  Late-1959, Cal founded Brackett Machine Products in Hawthorne, California.  He started with one 4-spindle Acme-Gridley screw machine and specialized in aircraft hydraulic fittings.  Over time, the company branched out into many markets and was no longer dependent on the aircraft industry; they moved to Rancho Cordova, California in January 1980, where they remain today.  Cal's grandson owns the modern version of Brackett Machine Products, and adopted the name Cordova Precision in honor of our City.

We take great pride in our customer relations; some have been with us over 30 years! Rest assured, when you partner with Cordova Precision you know we're in it for the long run!